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Important information

Dear User

In the past, we have found that many people are not reading the site's policies or modifying them in the forum.

The site policy is here:

The changes are here:

Many people do not adhere to the basic rules of torrenting, and the worse torrents get worse off the page.
Let us tell you that eStone is not a garbage collection site, but we are working to get everyone to get the best quality you want.
So we will remove the worse quality from the site without any warning!

The Staff is trying to help everyone, and if you don't know anything, ask more and not postpone unnecessarily.

Let's mark it again !!!!!!
The double account is forbidden on the site, a couple of deletions have been made recently, of course we have left the older.
It's over from today !!!! Anyone who invites himself / herself once again to the site we will delete all the accounts !!!!

If you use the same IP address with your family member or acquaintance, please let us know separately in your profile on Introduction!
If this doesn't happen, we delete both !!!

Reading and not knowing the rules and the forum does not relieve anyone of responsibility.

You can also get help from the Helpdesk menu or from any of the staff members just above on the page.

We ask everyone to abide by the above and help each other's work.

Thank you very much for reading our request, for whom it does not apply because he adheres to the rules we would like to apologize.

By eStone Staff