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Christmas Game

Dear User

Christmas gift search the site !!!! They are hiding on the side of Christmas
figures. The enthusiastic finder will enter the keyword in the comment and will be credited with the bonus point for that particular gift.

Keyword: Christmas

Only the first finder wins or loses !!!!!

Rules of the game:

For Torrent comments, the user who is typing any comment after the first comment gets the magic word ends up with 1 week of warn!
This also applies to the message board, so please avoid unnecessary comments!
Instead, the chat must be adapted to the WIKI chat policy to avoid misunderstandings.
Just point out for the pictures posted by Staff!
Anyone who ignores this will also receive 1 week of warn's rewards!


Ignorance of the rules does not relieve anyone of the responsibility!
Duration of the game: 24.12.2018 (Monday) 00:00 - 28.08.2018. (Friday) 23:59. hours.

Here's the reward for the pictures:


Play up, hunt for success!

By eStone Staff