You can submit the tips until the tournament starts !!

Play with us, guess and win!

The rules are as follows ::

The first three runners must be listed in the correct order.

Here's an example:

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Max Verstappen

3. Sebastian Vettel

The winnings are as follows :

Anyone who puts all three in the correct position is 10 GB. will be charged.

Those with two good tips have 5 GB of winnings.

Who has a good tip for its 2 GB.

The point is you can win if you are just a tipped good

Of course, the placement must match the rank on the race!

You can submit your Tips to the start of the race !!


You can only guess a race once if you double-skip both of your guesses you lose!
We do not accept the incorrectly described names ::

Everyone wants a lucky tip for eStone staff !!