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[Free4All] 2020 FA Cup Semifinals Contest

The FA Cup Semifinals will be played this weekend, july 18 and 19. So here is a little contest for ya.
Predict the correct scores for the 2 matches after 90 minutes. Extra time will not be considered for this contest, so it's possible to have a draw. Don't forget to choose a tiebreaker. The winner receives 30000 credits.

So this is what you do:
1) Predict the correct scores after 90 minutes. (1 point for the correct winner, 3 points for the correct score, total of 4 points possible)
2) Pick a tiebreaker: Choose a number between 1-500.

If needed, the closest to the tie-breaker will be the winner. If there is still a tie, then the prize will be divided equally among the winners

Why not try out your luck and who knows, maybe you'll win some credits

Example Entry

Manchester United vs Chelsea 2-1
Arsenal vs Manchester City 1-1

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