GOAL: 1,000,000

RAISED: 345,000

Hey Lovers of Music and Porn, its Back again!

For the 4th year running we celebrate the event that brings together dozens of PMV creators and Millions of fans....A noble and fun contest that pits editors against each other in a battle of wit, skill & vision:

We are attempting to raise 1,000,000 credits for this event (2 million would be amazing but lets be realistic!) Every person that enters the contest will get 6,000 credits with 1st place getting 65% of the pot, 2nd getting 25% and 3rd 10%. This is becuase we love to see new people try their hand a PMV creation, and appriciate the hard work that goes into them. (Just post how much you want to donate and everyones favourite rat-like godfairy will scoop them from you )

With your help, lets make this the BIGGEST AND BEST PMV event ever created