Site updates July 2018:

July 2nd 2018:

Update report warning function to use new system
Add mail_domain setting
Update legacy schemas
Template cleanup
Refactor User post_load a little
Add a generic path redirector for security page
Rework email sending a little and tidy up templates folder structure
Use long hash as cache instead of small hash
Add password checks in password recovery
Fix a few includes
Add HIBP check in password recovery
Tidy up folder structure a bit
Remove/clear legacy warnings and restrictions
Fix typo in warning migration
Wanring/Restriction migration queries
Move disabled check before pwned pwd check
Change password pwned text
Implement HaveIBeenPwned check on login
Fix reports v1 search form
Enforce email format validation on new email
Change password warning text
Document hibp.js file
Refactor a little thing in checkPasswordStrength
Fix CSS in main.css
Fix wrong method name in UsersPlugin
Implement password security features
Fix DataViewer abusive subnet queries
Allow the overriding of report guidelines with articles
Search in IP history when the search term is an IP
Fix report restrictions
Fix staff list page
Fix display issues in PM restrictions
Fix little display issues for StaffPM restrictions
Fix nested form issue for restrictions moderation
Add check to restriction loading
Add a new MinTagNumber site option
Respond to HEAD requests on public index for is it up type services.
Proper fix for tag XSS
Fix XSS in add tag box
Add webm to list of video formats
Fix user search to use foreach loop
Fix SQLi in expired_pm
Add expired requests infos in URL
Remove debugging code
Merge branch 'feature/expired-requests-bbcode' into testing
Fix is_restricted method typo
Fix wrong method in upload/index.php
Fix get_expiry method
Fix typo in warning message when WarnLength is empty
Add checks in restriction deletion and cancelation
Fix IssuedBy username
Fix WarnLength when none is given (empty string)
Make sure WarnReason is defined
Fix token in restriction canceling
Fix restriction message
Hide restrictions history if empty
Fix take compose for PM restriction
Fix PM restriction
Fix forum view
Fix forum restrictions
Fix DateTime issue with warning expiration
Fix userpage issue
Add documentation and move things around
WIP: Implement unit tests
WIP: first draft of requests re-creation
Remove extra / in reportsv2
Migrate Request rights to new restrictions system
Migrate Signature rights to new restrictions system
Migrate Torrent Signature rights to new restrictions system
Migrate PM rights to new restrictions system
Migrate Upload rights to new restrictions system
Migrate Tagging rights to new restrictions system
Migrate Forum rights to new restrictions system
Migrate Post rights to new restrictions system
Migrate Invite rights to new restrictions system
Migrate Avatar rights to new restrictions system
Enhance user restrictions & warnings
Don't start tags activity without a searched term
Uncache filled requests on torrent anon status update
Don't show collage table if there's no collage
List collages as table in user profile
Enhance Login Watch
Add order by in tag activity
Clean tags activity code
New tags activity page
Enable all users removing in groups
Trim a few problematic inputs
WIP: custom amount credits transaction (Not Ready)
Add ID to reports v1
WIP: custom amount credits transaction
Implement reportsv1 search
Add tag search in tag_history tool
Fix include for BBCode request hover
Update slot machine SQL
Add preview overlay in BBCode for torrents and requests
Fix old permission usage ()
Move users limit to site options
Fix torrents bookmarks page title
Fix 'Sent Message' username in v1 reports
Fix LastBrowse clearing issue
Fix Ducky torrent in user profile
Hide View Secret button until it's ready
Security logs: change form action to GET (pagination issues)
Add security logs link in tools
Add timeframe in security logs search
WIP: advanced search for security logs
Add user setting to hide the sidebar in torrents
Change PHPDoc in page_limit function (messing with IDE)
Add total size info in uploaded torrents stat
Format IP display in userpage's login watch
Fix deletev2 URL in staffpm.js
Remove quote typo in requests browsing
Fix friends & block links on userpage... again
Fix friend link on user page
Fix the freaking clear class once and for all!
Little fix for is_number
Add hovering overlay for requests
is_number refactor and strengthening (little)
Enhance git commit logic to read pack files & cache commit data
Fix article edition
Add email restore in security logs
Fix for CSS clear class wasn't 100%, testing alternative
Remove excessive newlines from requests JS
Fix clear div CSS
Add torrent size in floating bar
Rework options service to remove $cache and only load necessary options, also set option value type correctly
Move abstract Service class to Luminance/Core
Fix options reference on userpages
Fix tag input on new request page
A few style adjustmets for entity flags and fixes to restrictions Repo
Start of new user restrictions framework
Fix call to get_range() in IPRepository
Fix string cast not moved.
Performance tweak for IP bans (avoid double parsing)
Fix IP ban
Add autofocus on 2FA form
Rewrite attempt of the IP history mess
Clear more cache keys on request update
Fix wrong SQL query in previous commit...
Add email to users sharing the same IP list (testing)
Delete requests_torrent cache key on request deletion
Remove empty IRC section
Fix missing jquery in user post history
Fix recent_requests cache issue when user creates new requests
Add torrent hovering preview in subscribed collages notifications
Hide history section of userpage is you don't have any relevant permissions
Attempt at a smarter status update (don't fire if not on focus)
Hide Thank button after click in user-sidebar
Fix report comment on userpage
Allow regex matching in imagehost whitelist
Fix tags sanitation regex causing tags to be truncated (top10)
Fix possible SQL Injection in advancedsearch.php (num_compare)
Add help box in advanced user search
Update sm_results schema
More Slot updates
Fix top winners for slotmachine
A little more slot machine tweaking
Code for deduplicated slot machine
Fix ducky display issue on userpage
Fix avatar size on userpage
Add request object to TWIG as global an fix template overriding
Fix more issues on userpage rankings section
More issues on the userpage fixed
Fix a few issues on the userpage stats column
Fix hacked/unconfirmed email on userpage
Erratum: remove sessions on disabling (logs out user)
Fix internal error when user sets page param to 0