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Thread: Empornium News

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    Empornium News

    We have experienced a hardware failure resulting in what we call a TITSUP situation (Total Inability To Sustain Usual Performance).
    We have a very recent backup of most of the site, although a few private messages may be lost.
    Rest assured, we expect to be back online in a few days.
    But in the meantime have a cupcake!
    You can always find us on IRC, connect at (SSL port 6697) on #empornium or use the webchat below.
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    We're back online now. No dataloss was suffered, site is running on the backup server which is less powerful than the normal one so until the faulty hardware has been replaced we MAY experience some performance issues at peak times.

    Of course there will be another (hopefully shorter) downtime when we switch back to the main Server.

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