Forum Updates

We have spent some time thinking on how we could further improve our forums and provide our members with even better possibilities to interact with each other.

As you may already have noticed, we decided that moving around a few of our forums can help with that. However, that alone would of course not be worth a news announcement. We also decided that adding a few new forums will help our users to find more content they are interested in. However, we at Empornium have the philosophy that less forums are generally better, so we have thought long and hard about it and have come up with three new forums. These new forums will extend existing popular forums in which we think a lot of threads don't get enough attention because the forums themselves are so busy.

The New Forums Explained

The Beggar's Den
This forum is split from the Help & Support forum. It is for all credit related things, like donation drives for contests and events. We felt the Help & Support forum contained too many threads of that kind, making it hard for our users having technical difficulties with Empornium to actually find help.

User Contests
This forum is split from the previous Contests and Events forum. Due to the large number of contests, it was hard at times to find specific contests. To give more exposition to both official staff run contests and user made contests and allow interested users to decide what kind of contests they want to look through, we decided on splitting the forum.

Fetish Discussion
This new forum is an extension to our most popular forum, Porn Discussion. Porn Discussion has a lot of small threads, which is completely fine, and a lot of image threads, besides all the usual threads that are created in the forum. Not so popular niches have a hard time getting any attention. With the Fetish Discussion forum we want to provide our users with a possibility to find and discuss their fetishes with like-minded people in a dedicated forum.

Discuss the new forums here