This message is to all members.

Well its February and here it is cold and I cant wait for spring to start and the Sun to warm us up. So its the right time to be reading and enjoying this site isnt it?

We have a couple of prolific Uploaders who are doing a great job of keeping our content fresh for our membership......so my Thanks go out to them for their hard work and using their time to help our site and members..."Well done to our Uploaders" you can see who they are and I guess a Thankyou in the Shoutbox would be a nice thing to do!! Remember everyone can upload on our site so please try....... there are great Tutorials in the Forums to help you.

Im looking at a couple of projects that I may wish to start and one would be to get T-shirts printed for our generous donators so if you have any ideas of a good cheap T-shirt supplier please let me know.......one other possibilty is to provide a voucher for purchasing ebooks on line for certain members. I want our donators to benefit for what they do so if you have any ideas then let me know ....!

Thankyou to all our members if you werent here we wouldnt have a site.

One other thankyou I need to add is to our Webmaster who works wonders in the back ground so Thankyou F***** for the work you do!!

If you are interested in being a staff member please let me know as we always are looking to promote members to the staff team.

Thats it for now.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

Kind Regards