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Bad news

Good evening everyone,

As you probably know the purpose of the donations was simply to have enough to pay the server each month, nothing more. For several months, donations have not been able to pay the server. The staff added what was missing every time.

It is therefore with great regret that I announce that Downloadville will "turn off its lights" in mid-September.

Thank you to the whole team for this adventure! We are all volunteers, me more than anyone. I know very well the work that is done in the shadows, the hours of our time that we all left in the city. I will keep fond memories of this investment in P2P. For almost 10 years, I have been a member and staff on several major sharing platforms.

Thank you for your good humor and your community spirit.

Thank you all for bringing, each at your level, what made this site pleasant and user-friendly. Between us we often said that you were "Gold members".

We say goodbye to you and maybe see you soon, elsewhere.

Good continuity to all on the web!