DigitalHive (DH) is 13!!!

It's our Bday!!! ...Ok... so it was at the beginning of May... but that's beside the point!!! We're gonna celebrate our 13th Bday for a week (Saturday May 25th until June 1st)!!! What does that mean?

Invites will be open for the Bday week! If you have them, use them! They'll be closed again afterwards.
IRC invite channel will also be open. Current proofs are needed and don't forget to read the channel topic. -> #DH.Invites

Double IRC Bonus! This will be extended by an extra week if we get 1300 users in IRC! (Be sure to use your site username/nick when joining)
If we get 50 unique users chatting consistently in IRC over the Bday week, we will enter EVERYONE on IRC into a draw for 1300 GB of upload credit!

We'll be choosing 1 random user who makes a forum post over the Bday week for a prize of 130 GB of upload credit!

We'll also be re-enabling all disabled accounts (as long as they weren't naughty or denied previously), so spread the word!