Happy new year to our Core members!

It's a new year and a good time to remind everyone about some important rules:

You can only have one (1) account per lifetime - period. This is our most important rule and we take it seriously. You agreed to this when you signed up and it's in your welcome email. DO NOT CREATE ACCOUNTS BECAUSE OF LOGIN DIFFICULTIES! Remember your login information and which email account that you used and, if you do get locked out for any reason, reach out the staff on IRC. We're all volunteers, we're all busy but we'll try to help you as soon as we can.

You must log into DigitalCoreClub periodically to maintain your account. Also, please use your account - don't bother obtaining or maintain DCC account if you are just a "tracker collector". If you do not log into your account periodically it will be automatically locked and you will either have to use the account recovery page or contact the staff on IRC.

Read the rules and the FAQ.

All members Sentinel level and above can upload to DDC through the upload moderation system. Please read our uploading tutorial BEFORE you try to upload - it will save you and the staff a lot of hassle to get it right the first time.


And just a friendly reminder - DigitalCoreClub is just that - a club - and everyone on the staff is a volunteer. The administrators couldn't be happier and prouder of the knowledge and friendliness of the volunteer staff and we ask that you continue to treat them with the respect that they have earned.

Finally, DigitalCoreClub is a labor of love for R4bb1t and polycentric, who financially support DigitalCore because of their passion for sharing. Helping R4bb1t and polycentric cover some of the costs of DigitalCore is always appreciated so please consider making a small donation or obtaining a seedbox from SeedIt4Me or our newest partner, RapidSeedbox. Obtaining a seedbox through the links at the top of the DCC homepage gets us a small referral bonus and every little bit helps.

Let us all look forward to another great year of sharing with your friends here at DigitalCoreClub!

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