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Weekend Quiz!

Hi there.

On Saturday night at 20:30 2019.09.07, a Quiz is held in the chat box. There will be 10 + 1 questions.
On Sunday, 2019.09.08, at 20:30, a Quiz is held on the chat room. 15 + 1 questions will be.

Both days will be with the old kind of quiz.
There will be mixed questions. From the four of the given responses should be selected one.
Prizes: For each question, the first five correct answers will win 1000-800-600-400-200 bonus points.
Basic rules:
You have to describe the correct answer exactly as it is next to the question, just accept it.
Small and big fonts also count, it's a completely accurate answer. You can start with great starters.
A maximum of 2 answers can be given to a question (if you first spoil it).
It is forbidden to correct the response already sent. Write it down again, new line.
After 3 podium finishes, you can not answer many questions, but we will write that to someone who will reach it.

Have a nice game!