1. You must have read and accept to follow the releasing rules of DT.

2. You must release only original contents, transporting others rips or releases from other sites is not allowed.

3. You must be able to seed your release either:

- Until at least 10 users complete the download


- For a minimum of 48 hours at full speed.

If you seed with a seedbox you will have better chance of getting uploader status.

You must have at least 4 acceptable releases per week or 16 releases per month.
( Releasing 4 mp3 album downloaded from web or 4 pdf files is not considered acceptable)

4. You must stay active as we do not allow part time uploaders.
In case you are going to be absent exceptionally from releasing for a period of more than 2 weeks, you must notify one of the staff members.

5. You must provide us the upload speed of your internet connection. Use speedtest and send us a screenshot or a link.
You should have at least 1.5 Megabits/s upload bandwidth minimum, and you must seed at the speeds you say you have when you applied for uploader, all torrents must be seeded at your FULL speed available.

Not respecting these guidelines will get you demoted as uploader.
Once demoted you must wait 90 days to re-apply.

If you think you can follow the above requirements, then you are welcome to contact one of the staff members with the required informations.
You will get a reply within 1 week whether you have been promoted to uploader or not.

Thanks & regards.
DT Staff