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Thread: DESI.CD NEWS | New point system V0.3 and other updates

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    DESI.CD NEWS | New point system V0.3 and other updates

    Hello Friends,
    You all are aware that the point system has been revised & for the last few days it was under TEST.Many of our members were complaining about sudden change in point system, but trust us, it was very much necessary to protect the interests of our loyal members & uploaders who are putting their great efforts and it was really injustice when some leechers come around, steal their hard work and share it outside on other sites. Kindly note that ANY album shared on is exclusive and it MUST not be shared anywhere in ANY FORM.(Not even in form of Mp3 Or Scans). Any member found doing such notorious activities will be banned forever..

    So, after getting the feedback from all of you regarding the new point system it has been revised & implemented. You can find the details of new point system here:


    We are a very small community and it is very much necessary to expand our user base.So, we have decided to open the invitation system and now you can invite your friends to join DCD, but be selective & don't invite any member who can create nuisance here otherwise you will create jeopardy your account too.Members will also earn more points by seeding when a new user sign up and download old stuff.

    As you all know since the beginning of the site we have never announced and asked for any financial help. is non-profit making community and we were trying our best to keep the show going on. we have never demanded for donations but to keep the machinery in motion we also need fund. So any of you, if you wish to donate - there are some perks added for it.

    But before sending any donation please keep in touch with admin to process the same.
    You can find details for donation here:


    Your small token of appreciation can also create miracles..If you have any confusion please feel free to ask here or pm staff.

    The basic changes at glance is like this:
    1. Uploaders get 70% of deducted points
    2. 30% points are distributed among active seeders.
    3. Upload points are revised for FLAC, MP3, AAC
    5. Donors will receive 1000 points for 1 USD worth of donation
    6. New users gets 500 points initially.

    So, lets all make this place a heaven for all desi music lovers.

    - - - Updated - - -
    @The Night

    can you fix it to DESI.CD. SORRY
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    Quote Originally Posted by jaqenhgar View Post
    (Not even in form of Mp3 Or Scans).

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    Without joining this site why we donate

    They said they open the invites for everyone but its an year ago
    And how to join this site also are you the member of this group??

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