The progress of Demonoid v5

Hi Demonoid,

Since the overall opinion of the community, we did some tweaks and improvements to make the site as much as possible user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Content below is still work in progress and is subject to change.

Ideas & suggestions are appreciated like before.


  1. The whole site now is not based on semantic-UI javascript app, but it still requires javascript so the navigation, pagination, account wide, search wide stuff would work.
  2. Ajax without page refresh has been removed since many users complained about that.
  3. Deimos redid cipher using elliptic curve cartography, and now v5 is way faster AND can put 3 whole coordinates in there, no more genx and y. Which means shorter URLs and way faster page loading than on current Demonoid.

New features:

  1. Fixed navigation; when scrolling a page, there will be a smaller navigation bar with all the stuff.
  2. New page layout.
  3. The search function now has a popup box for advanced searching via javascript.
  4. Fully integrated forums stylized in d5 layout which uses the demon's database. Meaning one account for forums + site.
  5. Animated CSS3 buttons.


  1. Finishing torrents details layout. (Torrent stats, similar torrents, etc.)
  2. Adding Demonoid's unique font icons
  3. Finishing front-end layout.
  4. Integrating movies/tv shows API.
  5. Simplifying uploading form + jSON API
  6. Finishing responsive mobile layout.


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