Taken from Demonoid forum:

NOTICE: Everything here is subject to change and this is only a preview of how the site might look like.

Demonoid v5 image preview: https://i.imgur.com/HTulnPw.png

Feel free to suggest and criticize anything related to Demonoid v5.

Front-end key features:

The whole site is built as a javascript app with Semantic-UI, meaning no javascript = no Demonoid.
Page load will be 80% faster than current Demonoid.
There will be no page refresh when clicking on menus/links/etc.
The whole site is lightweight with zero image usage (except logo)
Mobile version looks even more awesome.
The whole site will be dynamical with containers which will load and disappear just as fast.

Karma system (points will be given per every comment, torrent upload, upvote/downvote, forums posts)
Integrated forums ( No separated accounts will be required)
Movies and TV Shows database similar to zooqle which will be maintained by the user base.
Improved uploading form.
Captcha will appear only after 5 comments are posted, before that there won't be a captcha. And it will disappear in X hours again.
Much more to be added.