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Bonus points for GB

We hope you will accept that the bonus for the GB system has returned.

Dear All DBers

Now 2020 is already off to a good start and we hope that you have all entered the new year well. DanishBits never sleeps and there are constantly people working hard so that we have the happiest users and that you just think DanishBits is "the place to be".
Work has been done on the high pressure behind the facade, which has resulted in us already announcing that the "Bonus to GB" system has returned. It is gratifying for us to be able to offer this system again, as we know very well that it is a feature that has really been a great help to many.
It is again possible to buy 10 GB for 1000 points, which will improve one's ratio. It is also possible to buy 10 GB for another user. This costs 2,500 bonus points. It is not possible to buy GB for those in the "Leecher" class and in the "Newbie" class. But that's how it used to be, so nothing new in it.

For a start there will be a limit of max. 10 purchases per user around the clock so the system can keep up

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// Staff