In San Diego federal court, Strike 3 Holdings is suing an unknown person who is allegedly stealing the company’s “adult” (realistically, porn) websites and DVDs. In this case, the plaintiff has the defendant’s internet provider address.

Strike 3 Holdings says its headquarters is in Camden, Delaware, but that’s like saying your headquarters is in Liechtenstein or some Caribbean secrecy haven. Delaware is the United States’ Cayman Islands, offering corporate-friendly courts and secrecy. Strike 3’s lawyer is in Los Angeles, the film capital.

Strike 3 brags that one of its owners, Greg Lansky, is the adult film industry’s “answer to Steven Spielberg.” One of Strike 3’s sites has been named “adult site of the year.”

Movie companies are suing unknown people who are using BitTorrent protocol to illegally download movies for free, often distributing them. In this case, the defendant has infringed on 25 movies, according to the suit. In turn, an industry of law firms has grown up to defend people who get subpoenaed by movie companies. Strike 3 has filed almost 300 such suits this year.