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Hello everyone, everyone:

After a period of hard work, the WEB group of this station has released a lot of resources. It is widely loved by users because of its small size, strong device compatibility, and fast release speed. Due to the current situation and resource factors, our group plans to recruit 1-2 publishers who can crawl the Netflix website. The requirements will now be explained as follows:

1. For various reasons, we do not provide teaching tasks. Please do not apply for newbies. Applicants must be able to independently capture the video, subtitles, and video packages of the site.

2. The management team will teach the resource release format (poster, code writing, title format, etc.).

3. The trial period is one month. After the change, the monthly assessment task is 15 kinds or the cumulative release of 100GB. If the request cannot be reached for two consecutive months and the reason is not explained to the management team, the issuer qualification is cancelled.

4. After returning to the right, enjoy the same treatment as the publisher (monthly salary including magic value, invitation code, etc.).

5. There is no substantial return on this work, and the release of resources is based on an enthusiasm. Declined to fish for two days in three days. Curious people do not disturb.

6. Those who have a position at other sites are declined to apply.