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Thread: CMCT-PT News

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    CMCT-PT News

    Google Translated:

    Notification about cleaning up inactive users

    1) Cleanup objects, from March 23, 2018 to January 13, 2019, users who have been registered in the official invitation building of MTeam, OURBits, HDSky, U2, OpenCD, Dandelion, Nanyang, Grape, etc. through our station;

    2) Cleaning requirements, as of 0:00 on May 1, 2019, the personal details page upload is less than 50G, the download volume is lower than 50G, the seeding score is less than 5000, and any one meets the requirements (after the discount data, not actual) ;

    3) Special instructions, this clean-up is a special clean-up that has not been met by the official invitation building assessment requirements. Accounts registered through the official invitation building during this period may be disregarded, and the clean-up data is not incremental, which is the cumulative data registered until now;

    4) Cleaning method: In order to avoid accidental killing, this cleaning adopts manual auditing method, which is manually cleaned by the person in charge of each invitation building. There is no system prompt box, please pay attention to the data change situation;

    5) If you have difficulty improving the data, or have other reasons to complete the assessment, please contact your inviter in time to explain the reason or record;

    6) Reaffirm that users who have not registered through the above-mentioned invitation building during the above period may disregard this notice;

    7) The following members are exempt from cleaning up: they have a donation ID, VIP and above, and have become a member of the working group or management team.

    ==CMCT official invitation floor ==
    Spring Equinox 2019

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