Dear Members,

In order to improve the quality of seeding, we have updated the calculating way of Bonus. Details below.

1. You can browse the personal Bonus page to see the new calculating. This page also shows your Bonus per hour with new formula.

2. The new formula will be officially launched at 0:00 on April 1 (UTC+8). Before then, the system still runs according to the old way.

3. Donor's seeding points will no longer enjoy double award. Donors still enjoy double bonus points.

4. Considering the new members within assessment period, there will be *FREE Leech for one day* on March 31. During this period, you can use this opportunity to adjust your seeding plan. Wish you passing the assessment as soon as possible.

5. We'll refrain from tweaking bonus system for a full month. After that, we'll continue to monitor the performance of our new system and make changes if necessary.

CMCT-PT Administrators
March 30, 2019