End Of The Line For Those Who donít Contribute

I have finally run out of patience with those who contribute nothing to this site. Issuing warnings and suspensions has proven to be completely ineffective. The offenders never change their behavior. Therefore, going forward, permanent suspensions and IP address bans are going to be regularly issued without further warning to those of you who hit and run, upload nothing whilst downloading hand over fist, donít participate in the shout box, or write comments and post in the forums. You know who you are, and believe me, so do I. Over the next little while, I am going to be going through the user database, and any that have a long history of no uploads, no comments, and not seeding are going to be given the heave-ho without further warning, so donít be surprised if you find that you have been banned, you are hereby being given the explanation in advance, as there will be no appeal, your behavior as recorded by the system database will tell the tale. I will also be carefully watching those that I see downloading, and checking your accounts to verify that you are contributing, and not dumping seeds shortly after you finish downloading. I see no point in continuing to carry dead weight, it is just a drain on system resources that we donít need.