The second installment in this series is "What the Day Owes the Night" by Alexandre Arcady.


It has been picked by e***, one of the four winners of the Donors Raffle, with the following motivation:

"I liked this film a lot, and as it had such few grabbers - and likely even less actual viewers - I've thought it deserved a second and better chance, since the staff - and a lucky draw - gave me the opportunity.
Well done without being corny, it's a romance within the dramatic backdrop of the then traumatic period of the Algerian fight for independence.
Hope you'll enjoy it as well."

Many thanks to e*** for this inspired choice, and of course to r******** for uploading the torrent in the first place.

This torrent will be golden until next Monday, November 26th, 3:00 PM GMT (give or take a few hours).