It is with the deepest sorrow that we learn about the passing of our beloved admin L****.

She has been a pillar of this community since the early days of Cinematik, and a very special person. L***'s contribution to the site has been invaluable throughout the years: her opinions were always balanced, and she had an uncanny gift for bringing harmony even in the fiercest of debates. Most of all, she was a kind soul: she never had a bad word to say about anyone, and generously volunteered her time and energy for the well-being of Cinematik up until the end.

L*** has been around since the inception of this community, one of the founding brothers and sisters whose vision made Cinematik possible. As such, her passing makes us feel the special responsibility to honor her work and carry her legacy by keeping this community alive, fair, and functional, just as she always wanted it to be - so that a little piece of her can keep living inside Cinematik.

It will be impossible to fill her shoes, but she will not be forgotten.

Feel free to contribute your thoughts here.