2019 Fundraiser

It is that time of the year, meaning that we have to pay our bills! In other words, tik is now looking for donations (via PayPal) to finance our hosting for the next 12 months. Every little bit helps, please give whatever you can to keep the site alive --your generosity is highly appreciated.

Donations are open to VIP, former Donors, Uploaders, or Power Users with at least 1 upload in their history.

If you would like to contribute, send a PM to F******* here (this is an old friend of tik under an assumed name --not a "new" member, so no worries) containing the following info:

1) A working email address

2) Amount of donation & relevant currency (Euros or US Dollars) --minimum donation is 10 Euros or USD

3) Whether you want/need a Donor's Disc or other form of recognition (GBs, custom title)

4) Whether you would like to be entered in the Donors Raffle (see 2018 fundraiser), which we are planning to offer again this year.

Your reply will come by email a.s.a.p.

Thanks, Staff.