Crazy Summer! Million players waiting for you to take, Rainbow Island 2018 DIY contest is hot open. . .

The activity rules are as follows:
1. Participation activities and registration methods The
activities are open to all members of the site. If you do not join the site but want to participate, you can invite to join the site. Register for QQ group number 190766432 to contact the administrator to request an invitation. We welcome all HD DIYER.
1. This month's event will end on August 30th. You can register before this month. You can join immediately after completing the registration.
2. All contestants are requested to uniformly add QQ groups and register in advance. And follow in the event area.
Members who complete the registration 3 and participate in the activities should accept the suggestions of netizens with humility, patiently reply to the netizens' questions, and strive to improve their abilities.

Second, the entry requirements
1, the entry must be original, and not released at other sites.
2. The quality requirements of the works are as follows:
(1) The simple and common subtitles must be configured, and if possible, bilingual subtitles should be made to meet the needs of different members. Although DIY is mainly for self-doing, once it is shared, it must consider the majority of users. demand.
(2) Those who have national language dubbing should also be added to the work as much as possible. For national language dubbing, you can contact the group administrator.
(3) If you have the ability, please modify the menu as much as you can. There is no ability to modify the menu to use the add mode, and you must not use the alternative mode to create a non-descriptive work that selects French to play Mandarin.
(4) If there are no special circumstances, it is forbidden to perform the cast publication on the original disc.
3, before the release of the work should be able to do a wide range of tests, test tools, including but not limited to PowerDVD, TMT, DVDFab Media Player, Scenarist QC, hard disk player or Blu-ray disc player.
4, Blu-ray original disk, 4K original disk is not limited. Movies, TV shows are not limited.

Third, release requirements
1. Send a title tag at the beginning of the [2018 DIY Entry] and end with the personal ID name plus the suffix @ChdBits. The original folder or image file corresponding to the seed must also be named.
2. Entries are only allowed on this site.
3, the existing diy works of this station, once again produced and released, the configuration must be higher than the existing works.
4. Be sure to specify the sources of various materials on the seed release page to avoid unnecessary disputes.
5. Please be sure to declare the test of play before the release of the work.

Fourth, the work count
1, simply add simple and common subtitles, to meet the most basic requirements of the work of a single seed count basis 1 point.
2. Addition of bilingual subtitles on the basis of Article 1 will add 0.5 points.
3. Configure four subtitles for Simplified Chinese and Bilingual, with 1 point bonus for simple notes (special effects), and 1.5 points for excellent special effects.
4. Modify the menu on the basis of the above, and the function is normal. Addition bonus.
5, the original disk guide comments or tidbits, but no corresponding Chinese subtitles, DIY if you can add the appropriate Chinese subtitles, plus 0.5 points plus.
6, plus 0.5 points bonus to the additional
country's voice track (site to give audio track material support, can contact the administrator in the registration group) 7, 4K original DIY basis 1.5 points, more than 3 episodes of the TV series DIY counting 1.5 points .

V. Rewards
1. The top five points for the current event rewards. The first player rewarded A11 4G HD player A11, and the second prize Zhidu 4K HD player X20 (new product), the
third Rewarded 4G HD player X6 one million (new product with NAS function), the fourth reward this station VIP treatment for 1 year, the fifth reward this station VIP treatment 180 days.
2. The best work, the most popular contestant will be voted by the member after the event ends, rewarding Zhidu 4K HD player X9S and 200,000 station magic rewards.
3, actively participate in activities, and the quality of the work is excellent, can be promoted to the publisher. Particularly good will have the opportunity to join the official production team.

6. Others
1. All candidate entries shall be audited and rated for three days at the top, three days at the top, seven days at the top, and free for three days for all members to download the experience and participate in the voting.
2. Once again, I would like to thank Egreat and Zhidu for their support for this event.

If you do not understand or understand the rules that are ambiguous, please consult the CHDBits management group. The management team has the final interpretation right.