Once upon a time, from the beginning of the spark, here has slowly gathered a batch of DiY, re-editing, subtitles, WEB original gods with the most exquisite technology in the entire network. In the pursuit of perfection, the great gods have devoted a lot of effort to each work, which greatly improves our viewing experience. The high-quality and high-quantity official works have become the favorites of many film and television enthusiasts.
In order to provide more and better works for the majority of pt hobbies, in order to continue the CHD spirit of excellence, DiY, re-editing, subtitles, and WEB personnel are now recruited all the year round.
We warmly welcome and look forward to your positive response. We have enough sincerity and patience to guide and encourage everyone to learn and progress. As long as you are willing to learn, have some spare time and look forward to becoming a "great god" and we will benefit our small circle of hobbies. Of the person, you are welcome! Get the courage to sign up!

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