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A letter to all new and old islanders

Unconsciously, after these four years, we were put on various hats during this period. Threats, attacks, and insults have never stopped. We have always been called the "Island". In my opinion, we are not alone, and we always have a group of loyal members supporting the site as always. As our administrator said, the island regards you as close friends. With your support, we are not alone. It urges all our working groups to uphold the spirit of excellence, and constantly strive to improve and make high-quality works to give back to these members and friends. This is our mission and responsibility.
First of all, on behalf of all members of CHD, we welcome all the friends who are invited in the fourth anniversary of the year. Welcome to join! Hope you all have fun here, but also remind everyone to abide by the site rules and cherish hard-earned accounts. The site will never tolerate any violations and cheating! At the same time, if you are interested in joining our CHD working group, please come and sign up.
For job recruitment information, please pay attention to the forum recruitment area.
here You can also send an email to [email protected]

Finally, I would like to announce some development plans and major decisions for the site in the second half of the year to all members.
1. Will gradually upgrade the site function codes in the site, fix a few bugs that may exist at present, and further improve some functions in the site.
2. The site will introduce some restrictive measures and programs related to the box to protect the users of small water pipes.
3. Due to the impact of the epidemic this year and other reasons, the supply of new films has been cut off, and the cost of purchasing films on the site will also be greatly reduced, so the site considers adopting the HR (Proportion of Time to Seed) method to abolish the traditional assessment mechanism.
The privileges of Yellow Star and VIP members will be adjusted accordingly, please pay attention to the official announcement.

If members have other ideas and suggestions, they can also send them to the email address above, brainstorming, we will listen carefully
Everyone’s suggestions are comprehensively evaluated and considered. Finally, we wish you a happy life on the island. The island is wonderful because of you! Thank you all.