Google Translated:

1. Whether there is any experience of suppression, and those with suppression experience are preferred (4K suppression requires certain experience). For inexperienced people, you can provide introductory tutorials and guidance, of course, you must also have a certain self-learning ability;

2, love to suppress work, and have enough patience and spare time to complete the pressing task in time. Can persist, refuse three minutes of heat, and require at least half a year in this group. There is a minimum mission requirement every month. If there is something to be taken, the team who fails to meet the standards for two consecutive months will be invited to the team;
3. Do not work part-time at other PT stations;

4, hardware requirements CPU minimum for desktop Core i75 or Ruilong R7; network bandwidth is at least 20Mbps downlink / 10Mbps uplink.

5. Give in-station treatment, wages, outstanding performance, strong sense of responsibility, late promotion, cash compensation (requires relatively abundant time)

Welcome registration If you are interested, please send a letter to CHD or the management group mailbox.