Important announcement regarding the full cooperation between the CHDBits and Rewards GSCQ.ME stations and their production teams:

The two sites of CHDBits and Rewards GSCQ.ME have been friendly and negotiated, based on the principle of cooperation, mutual benefit, common development, benefiting the majority of friends who love high-quality video games, and in various aspects involving film and television industry information, games, subtitles, and HD resource sharing. Some of the full range of cooperation.
The cooperation also involved the original production teams of each of the two stations, and each team also conducted in-depth exchanges through this cooperation. In order to present more, better, and higher quality resources to give back to the movie and video fans. High-quality, high-quality, and watermark-free production are the goals that both stations and their teams have been pursuing. They will continue to be strengthened in the future, and they will do better. They will bring you different high-quality movies and games to enjoy. . In the same way, I hope that all the fans who like to enjoy the two stations of CHDBits and GSCQ.ME and their teams will continue to support us. Your support is the driving force behind our continued development. Here again, I sincerely thank you for your love for the two stations and their production teams. We will continue to publish and share more and better videos and games for you.
Wish everyone a happy holiday! Happy life!

CHDBits management group

Rewards GSCQ.ME introduction:
The home of the HQC Film Group and the GBT Game Team.
Domestic original BT movie and video game resources and community.
High quality watermark video game resources share the world.
GSCQ = Game Studios Cooperate Quality. Games, video, collaboration, quality. Enjoying the name suggests, happy, enjoyment, appreciation, this is the essence of the game. Of course, Yue Yue is the same, which means Yue Yue, which is pleasing to the eye and pleasing to the eye. This is the connotation of the movie. Therefore, the use of music rewards, Han game film collection, is the main theme of the forum.
There are two well-known high-quality original production teams. The HQC team focuses on film and television resources, and the GBT team focuses on game resources.

The origin of the HQC team:
The origin of High Quality Collect, which means high-quality integration, is abbreviated as: HQC.
The HQC team is a group focused on repression and integration of film and television resources. The organization was founded in mid-2014, and all members of the organization are voluntarily joining. The official website of the HQC team is: Enjoy GSCQ.ME. Originated from the love of film and television, in July 2014, the HQC team was founded to focus on the integration, suppression, and free sharing of high quality watermarked films. The resources released by the HQC team are numerous, and major professional websites, forums, and PT stations have all been reproduced. It is known for its high-quality, non-watermarking production, and drama resources are especially popular with movie lovers.

The origin of the GBT team:
The origin of the Games Brother Team, which is the meaning of the game brother/team, is abbreviated as: GBT.
The GBT team was established in February 2004. Everyone is a production game team founded on the love of games. The hard disk version of the team has the advantages of high compression ratio, no cut and decompressed version, no ad plug-in, integration of the latest upgrade patches and DLC content, and own game patch modification strategies. The test is rigorous and free to share, and has been loved by many players. Sought after. The GBT team has released many resources. The major game websites and forums have been reproduced in large numbers. Players are called: "The most collectable domestic game" production team.