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Thread: CHDBits News

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    CHDBits News

    Since July 2017, I opened the CHDBits annual DIY original disc reward activities, activities to carry out a month has been lost, in order to make this event better and better, to encourage the original, to explore DIY talent, and to enhance the site The image and strength, we according to the first month of the situation to further improve the rules of the activities, as follows:
    Activities are open to all members of this site, if not joined the site but also want to participate in the invitation to join the site after the participation (please contact QQ173367038), we welcome all the contestants。
    1、This month's event ends on August 31, before you can register, please fill in the application。
    2、Members participating in the activities should be humbly accept the advice of users, patiently reply to the user's question, and strive to improve their ability to prohibit and friends each other.

    二、Requirements for entries
    1、Entries must be original and not available at other sites.
    2、The quality requirements of the work are as follows:
    (1) Simplified and traditional subtitles must be configured, conditions should be made when the bilingual subtitles to meet the needs of different members, although DIY is mainly for their own and do, but once you share it must consider the needs of the majority of users.
    (2)There are national dubbing should also be added to the works inside, Mandarin dubbing can contact the administrator cnlang to provide assistance.
    (3)Have the ability to try to modify the menu, do not have the ability to modify the menu will use the additional mode, prohibit the use of alternative mode to produce the choice of French to play Mandarin this nondescript works.
    (4)If no special circumstances, prohibit the original plate castration issued.
    3、Before the release of the work should have done a wide range of tests, including but not limited to PowerDVD、TMT、DVDFab Media Player、Scenarist QC、Hard disk player or Blu-ray player.

    Third, the release requirements
    1、The subtitle header ends with a personal ID plus suffix @ chdbits, and the seed's corresponding or its original file must also be named.
    2、Entries are only available on this site.
    3、This site has been diy works, re-production release, the configuration must be higher than the existing works.
    4、In the seed release page must explain the various types of material sources, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes.
    5、Be sure to declare the playback test before the release of the work.
    6、The top three require the number of current events to be issued in more than 10, the first requirement of more than 15.

    Fourth, the work count
    1、Simple addition of simple and traditional subtitles, to meet the most basic requirements of the work of a single seed count 1.
    2、On the basis of Article 1, add bilingual subtitles.
    3、Configuration simple and bilingual 4 subtitles, and with a simple comment (special effects) of the 1.5, special effects of 2.
    4、In the above basis to modify the menu, and the normal function of the 2.3.
    5、The original disk has a guide or tidbits, but no corresponding Chinese subtitles, DIY if you can add the corresponding Chinese subtitles, more than 0.5.

    Five, reward
    1、Each activity reward the top three, the first prize 3T hard drive 1, the second reward 3T upload volume, the third reward 1T upload volume.
    2、Participate in the release of the members, each piece of reward 10,000 magic, special effects and the effect of excellent magic reward doubled and included in the number of issued two.
    3、Actively participate in activities, and works of excellent quality, can be promoted to the issuer.

    Six other
    If you do not understand or understand the rules, please consult CHDBits management group. The management team has the final interpretation.
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