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CHDWEB recruitment

Is expected to 1-2 people, merit admission, the details are as follows

We can give you:
1. good atmosphere, we are a harmonious group, into the group we like a family as harmonious, we not only discuss the cold technology, we also talk about life;
2. rich site benefits, although there is no money and other actual material return, but we will give monthly members of the site benefits, such as site invitations, and according to the number of resources released by each person, volume, etc., to give different amounts of magic value The You can come, you can play a betrayal and invite friends to stop at any time;
3. Access to the elite promotion road and retirement VIP or retirement group treatment.

We need you:
Good character
2. For personal interests, and have a better WEB-DL basis, after the group can quickly get started work;
3. WEB-DL has a high enthusiasm, to protect the time and energy investment;
4. At least one year to ensure a stable release, refused to three minutes heat;
5. There are no similar positions at other sites and may not be allowed to join other posts during the term of office;
6. The upload bandwidth should not be less than 10M.

Willing to join the friends please pm CHDWEB the following:
1. your web-dl level
2. Upload speed and hard disk size
3. Play pt time every day
4. The term of office
5. Other self-explanations
6.QQ number

PS: This recruitment only respond to meet the requirements of the people, please pay attention to your QQ message. Admission after 3-7 days of probationary period, please carefully consider the good re-registration, wall crack refused three minutes heat.