CHDBits自去年12月份开站以来,在广大热心会员和管理组成员的共同努力下,已由一个不足千人的小站 逐步发展壮大为超万人规模的PT站,在此管理组成员对那些一直默默支持CHDBits,对CH DBits不 离不弃的会员表示衷心的感谢。
随着会员规模的与日剧增,仅凭现有的管理组成员已无法应对日益庞杂的论坛事务。现经管理团队讨论决定,拟在 站点每个版块招聘版主三名以协助管理员进行日常管理事务,招募详情如下:
5、应聘者至少任职一年。任职期满,根据工作表现,管理组决定是否继续留任。任职期间若有违反论坛相关规定 的行为,则按照相应规定处理。

CHDBits since December last year since the beginning of the station, in the majority of enthusiastic members and management team members under the joint efforts of a small station has been less than a thousand people gradually grow and develop for the super-million scale PT station, in this management group members of those Has been quietly support CHDBits, CHDBits never betray the members to express my heartfelt thanks.
As the size of the membership grows, the existing management team members are unable to cope with the increasingly complex forum matters. Is the management team to discuss the decision to be in each section of the site to recruit moderators to help the administrator to carry out daily management services, recruitment details are as follows:
Moderator Recruitment requirements:
1, the candidates in principle in the CHDBits registration time should be no less than 1 month and the sharing rate of not less than 2;
2, the candidates should have sufficient time to manage the Internet to apply for the forum, the daily online time shall not be less than 4 hours;
3, candidates such as relevant forum management experience can be given priority;
4, the candidates must love CHDBits, and lonely lonely, suffered trouble;
5, candidates for at least one year. At the end of the term, the management team decides whether to remain in office. If there is any violation of the relevant provisions of the forum during the conduct, in accordance with the corresponding provisions.
Moderator benefits:
1, all moderators are due to love CHDBits and get together, no money in the form of return;
2, according to the workload of the month to enjoy the magic value and inviting treatment;
3, for the outstanding contribution of the moderator members after retirement to enjoy the station by the VIP treatment.
CHDBits reserves the right of final interpretation.
Please carefully consider the recruitment requirements and their own conditions, we refuse to soy sauce and three minutes of heat.
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