Graphic Artist Competition.

The race starts and ends on 25/05/17 00:01 15/06/17 23:59

Graphic Contest participants are doing two jobs.

The first work is done NEW * 50px 50px size category icons in the following categories: Children's Pr0n HD as well as HD.

Another made a free choice of graphical work related to our media sales team will be made.


1. Images are placed in and linked to Forum -> The tracker -> Contests -> Graphic Competition.

2. The winner agrees to conclude new icons for all 28 categories in connection with the reform of the competition in accordance with the job.

3. Competition winners are selected by staff.


1st place:

-500GB more sent to + 5,000 bonus points
the lifting of categories Graaffikoksi
-Custom title
-2 Invite

2nd place:

-300GB more sent to + 4,000 bonus points
-Custom title
-1. Invite

3rd place:

-100GB more sent to + 3,000 bonus points
-1. Invite

Good luck! FinVip.Org Staff

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