Shiny New User Classes and New Invite Forums!

We decided it was time to revamp our user classes. The ones we had were serviceable but were a bit lackluster. These new ones got more style! We also adjusted each class requirements so make sure to check them out, if you qualify for a new class expect the change to happen in the following 24 hours.
Article: User Classes




Nostalgic Newcomer
Retro Rookie
Classics Collector
Analog Ace
Monochrome Master
Vintage Virtuoso

One casualty of the shake up was the Uploader class. We removed it because we felt it didn't fit well with the user class progression. We'll be looking to create another way to recognize distinguished uploaders.

Our invite forums also got reworked. We now have forums for official and unofficial invites, each forum will have dedicated threads for a single tracker to make them easier to locate. The Official Invites forum is meant for official recruitment from other trackers, and the Unofficial Invites forum is meant for invite giveaways done by regular users for trackers that don't have rules against it and without official recruitment here. Check each forum for their respective rules in the sticky thread.

The Looking For... forum will stay with some additional restrictions as a way to allow good users be noticed by others with invites that would not have offer them in the Unofficial Invite forum. Be sure to check out its rules in the sticky thread as well.

These 3 forums are accessible starting from the Analog Ace class, but only Monochrome Master and above can post in the Looking For... forum.

Note: All threads that existed in the previous versions of the invite forums were removed. Sorry to everyone that had a thread there.

Finally, a new rule. From now on all discussion related to other private trackers is to be done in the Tracker Discussion forum, which is only accesible to Classics Collector users and above.

And we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that asking for invites outside of posting in the Looking For... forum or PMing active inviters in the Invite forums is strictly forbidden. Just a few days ago we banned someone for spamming users with PMs asking for an invite.

~CRT Staff