Iím starting this contest to encourage adding screenshots to your uploads.

There are two categories for this contest:

1. For every new upload with a minimum of 3 screenshots, you will get 50,000 BP

The rules are:

- Your upload is following all rules
- The torrent was uploaded by you
- Your claim for the BP is within 1 week of the upload time
- Your screenshots are 1:1 aspect ratio of the recording
- Your screenshots must be lossless (PNG)
- You include a minimum of 3 screenshots

2. If you add screenshots to an older upload that was missing screenshots, you will get 10,000 BP

The same rules above apply except for the upload having to be yours.


To claim your BP, you must specify which category your screenshots belong to (either 1 or 2).
You must also provide link(s) to the torrent page with the screenshots

For example:

Category 1 - [link]
Category 1 - [link]
Category 2 - [link]

Thanks to **** for the idea