Dear members.

Due to the situation that BTNext crosses at the level of donations, and since they are always the same to bear the costs and maintenance of BTNext servers, we have been forced to take some measures.

Firstly BTNext is closed to new registrations, meaning they can no longer send invitations to anyone!

If someone wants to register us Staff we send the invitation, for a minimum donation of 10 , to help in the costs that we have to bear monthly, being awarded the GOLD for 1 month.

You should send email to support or support to request the invitation through the donation.

Secondly, all accounts that are banned, either by bad ratio or by excess of Hit & Run, have until the end of March to join GOLD and resolve the situation, otherwise those accounts will all be deleted from BTNext.

With this we expect members to be aware that to keep BTNext up and running with the quality everyone recognizes, there are monthly costs, and those costs should be borne by everyone.

There are those who argue that there should be a minimum contribution from all, I personally think and I believe that if everyone wants to, we can have the tracker only for those who contribute monthly and in this case, we ended with the ratios, Hit & run's etc, because if everyone contributes it does not make sense to have limitations and that way each one was free to make the downloads that understood without any restriction, since they would be all GOLD.

If we continue with the current system, we will have to be more restrictive with those who do not help BTNext financially.

Thus it starts working as follows:

BadBoys Group who has a ratio of less than 0.75, can only do 1 download at a time, and must sow what he takes at least 60 hours, before starting a new download.

Registered Member Group who has a ratio equal to or greater than 0.75 and equal to or less than 1.49, you can only do 5 downloads simultaneously, and you must sow what you take out for at least 60 hours, before starting a new download.

Power Member group who has a ratio of 1.5 or higher, can only do 10 downloads simultaneously, and must sow what he takes at least 60 hours, before starting a new download.

GOLD's group does not have simultaneous download limits, it does not have to sow the 60 hours, and everything they get does not count the download, access to all torrents on the site.

I hope that with these changes, members will realize that they must join GOLD to help with their monthly costs, and it is also a way to maintain positive ratios.

As a final note we also inform the following:

The emails *@outook.* * @ msn.* *@live.* *@hotmail.* *@yahoo.* are not allowed!

The emails * @ iol. also no longer work so that who has these emails has to change them at