BTNExt for ever!


We all learned about the problems and difficulties BTNext is currently experiencing! The two successive blackouts this year (which has just begun ...) and which have caused enormous damage not only to many users, but also to the system itself, which took several days to some unhealed situations.

Maintaining the equipment that supports this tracker 24/7 without fail, requires spending time, electricity consumption and other expenses inherent in the costs of accessing the Internet.

On the other hand, experience tells us that if we do not invest, that is, to improve and / or cure damage due to wear, there is a risk that sooner or later a site will disappear, of which we all enjoy a form or another.

However, we are also aware that, for most users, BTNext is nothing more than a place where there are contents that can be downloaded without this causing them worry or money, and above all, without fulfilling the major of this type of sites: sharing content!

In this context, what is asked to ALL active users , regardless of their current status , it is to collaborate beyond the traditional way already in place, to prevent any closure / disappearance of BTNext, contributing of an honorary and voluntary for It is made.

The basis of participation will be in the amount of five clubs, each of whom may, if he wishes and can, collaborate in a more meaningful way.

Participation is exempt from any attribution of status or perks, and may, if it so justifies, be assigned by the Administration to a person who deserves it.

So, we ask you to choose , the options listed above , what form of help the BTNext and to write, a simple message in this topic to your opinion on the subject in question and what the " value of your contribution 'to that, all together , we can keep this tracker alive and in good health !