Welcome To This Months Newsletter
With the huge successes of the Freeleech Token giveaways we decided one more Freeleech Token giveaway. Look for them in the announcements forum (Only one gift from each topic);

Freeleech Token for a 1 minute read about requests*(Ongoing)

Is your password up to date? Earn 2 Freeleech Tokens if it is*(Ongoing)

Is your avatar worth 5 Freeleech Tokens? Avatar must meet all the board image rules and avatar requirements!*(New)

Competition Rules Update
Click here to go to the updated competition rules*

Monterey OS
Wondering if something is working on Monterey OS?*Check this topic for submissions.*
Feel free to add to the list, and share your info with the community.

Freeleech Tokens
What are Freeleech Tokens and how to use them?*Don't forget to use them to avoid ratio hits. The staff are seeing far too many users with ratios under 1.0.0 but have plentiful amounts of Freeleech Tokens.*

Caution About V2 BitTorrent Files

Avoid creating V2 torrent files with your torrent clients that offer this support. Transmission currently does not support V2 torrent files and will produce an invalid error instead. Transmission is also currently the most widely used client on here. Any reported V2 torrents will be deleted simply because the majority will not be supported.

Staff Picks

Apps of the month:

Ghost Buster Pro

Handy inoffensive app that find quite a few left overs. (Small files)

EdgeView 3

Nice little light weight image viewer.

Game of the month:

Cities: Skylines

A modern version of the classic hit Sim City.

Board Updates, Changes and Reminders Briefly;

The main rules page cannot be edited currently and all*new rules or changes are listed in the BrokenStones Wiki here

Request Statistics

March 2022 total requests created = 19
April 2022 total requests created = 17
May 2022 total requests created = 37

19 Users Read the Rules and Created their Requests Correctly
02 Users Added the Missing Info after their Warning
16 Requests Deleted due to Rule Violation

18 Users Warned for Missing Info
11 Users Warned - Strike 1
07 Users Warned - Strike 2
00 Users Warned - Strike 3 (have had their Request Privileges Revoked)