Hi and here we are with April's Newsletter. We hope you are all well and welcome to all new members.

R2R/CracksNow Keygens

We have done extensive research concerning R2R Keygens and releases, we are satisfied they are safe and are now allowed. R2R has been removed from the DNU list

CracksNow are still banned.


We have noticed for a while, that the Forums are losing their integrity. Over quoting and 'off topic' being the 2 biggest issues. We will be addressing this in Wiki and the rules for the next newsletter.

Issues with Pre - K's on 10.14 and upwards

Last month we gave a grace period for non working Pre-K's. This has been extended for this month, as it appears it is getting less and less, so, any fail will be just nuked.

Torrent clients

We will be continuing 'leeching' disablement, for anyone using Transmission 2.92

If you are using T 2.92 as a backend client on a seedbox, please inform Staff and we can add notes to your account. We can not tell the difference when we check stats.

Last month:

This month:

[Discuss here]

Client Whitelist

We will be working on this through April and will have a list and forum in the next newsletter.

Image host update

Rules have now been aligned with Wiki.

5,000 live uploads = 50 Hours Freeleech

A big heads up.

We are reaching a big milestone here at BS. d*** is heading towards 5,000 live uploads. It may happen towards the end of the April or at the start of May. Whenever it happens the site will go 'Freeleech' for 50 hours, watch this space.