March Newsletter

BrokenStones will and always be a generic macOS Tracker. It is your site, please read the rules. Recently we have had an issue in Forums with quite spiteful comments and also profanities.

Please refrain from 'fragging', 'flaming' and 'dissing' members. Use the Staff PM or report utility if you have an issue.

R2R/CracksNow Keygens

R2R releases contains crypto miners and bloatware that pings unfamiliar IP addresses. CracksNow releases contain ransomware.

The above K's are now banned from BrokenStones until further notice.

Ableton Live Suite 10.0 is the main victim here and is being removed, uploaders will not receive warnings.

These do tend to be a win.exe file, we are being safe rather than sorry.

Please run virus scans if you have used the above.

We have posts which contain an R2R KG, these are a year old and more and are not compromised.

New Forums

We have now set up two new Forums, one for Games and the other for Applications. These are for general discussion.

Applications: [Discuss here]

Games: [Discuss here]

Issues with Pre - K's on 10.14.3

10.14.3 is stable, all failing Pre-k'd posts will be nuked with no warning, for this month only.

Filling Requests

Please read the rules on making requests. You must ensure that your request has been attached to the correct 'facility', otherwise members can not fill it.

First-Line Support

This is now closed. We have requests in progress. You will be informed of your application.

Torrent clients

We will now be disabling leeching on members accounts found using Transmission 2.92 as this issue has been running for some months now.

If you are using T 2.92 as a backend client on a seedbox, please inform Staff and we can add notes to your account. We can not tell the difference when we check stats.

Again, great work on on this issue. Especially if we factor in the 'backend client' factor