November Newsletter

Hi, our apologies for the delay for this newsletter, we have just been busy tweaking things, so..

Torrent clients

So, we will now be enforcing the Blacklist. If your account is found to be using anything on the list, you will receive a warning, you will then have one week to rectify this. After that, you account will be locked until you resolve the situation.

[Discuss here]

The rules have been updated accordingly, see: rules.php?p=clients

Invite threads

We now have 6 Official invite threads on other sites for BrokenStones:

HDBits, Redacted, lztr, myanonamouse, PTP and Awesome HD

Currently we are looking at 2 other sites.

We would like to welcome all new members from the above threads, there are quite a few of you, so just pop in and say hi. forums.php?page=16&action=viewthread&threadid=31

Please be aware, if you joined through a Staff invite thread and you fail to manage your account correctly, there will be a 3 strike and out rule for the account.

New uploaders

Please read the rules, they clearly state what you should be doing.......

If you fail to get the upload right, it does state in our rules what will happen.

[Discuss here]

Image host update

Banned added to list see wiki.php?action=article&name=Image+Hosts

Added: ultraimg

C.O.R.E. serialiser KG

This is not working on 10.14 if you are running a lower os, please utilise this and post a serial number along side the KG.


Stylesheet winner......

See: forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=2320

Find the Pumpkin....

We had no entries for this so, currently we are suspending the competition element of the newsletter.

Ratio Issues

We have been informed of members not showing their seeds and snatches correctly.

This is still a work in progress.

First-Line Support

Do you have some spare time and feel you can offer support to other members....

Send staff a PM and who knows...