November Newsletter

Big Sur

Take Note

The arrival of Big Sur, as with any new os system, will bring issues. As before, on major os updates, we will have a grace period for K's, KG's and SN's along with a myriad of other issues.

Discuss here

Rule changes

From last month....

As a temporary fix to the rule changes, (due to code issues), we will be creating a 'Rule Change' in the Wiki. An announcement will be forthcoming on this.

All members old and new must check the rules, then cross reference to the wiki

Please see: here

This is now a WIP.

Torrent clients

qBittorrent is staying on the greylist.

Deluge is now being investigated

For updates on clients

Quoting in Posts

This is a constant issue and has been brought forward many a time. There is no need to quote anything from the post before. Any one so doing from now on, will receive a warning.

New Members from Staff Invite Threads

There is no mistake here Yet again, we are having to warn new arrivals. You arrived at BS due to a certain criteria and a knowledge. 3 Strikes and your account is disabled.

Change your Password

Warnings are now being issued for members with Passwords over 2 years old.

Chrismas Freeleech

Any one care to design an image for the Yearly Freelech here