July Newsletter 2020

July Newsletter

A big hello to everyone. The world is still in turmoil but we do hope that each and everyone of you are still doing well. We do have a raft of things in this Newsletter. Please take time to read it, along with any announcements that will follow.

Soliciting Invites

You must post in the correct forum to ask for your desired Invite. Under NO circumstances PM other members seeking Invites. Anyone found to be doing so will receive a Warning along with losing access to ALL the Invite Sections.

User Class Security Issues

A slight change has been made to the User Class abilities, for Site Security purposes. This has been enacted before, so there is no need to worry, it is a minimal tweak.

Banned Clients

Transmission 2.92 - We are still finding members using v2.92, if you are using it as a Server Client, please inform Staff so we can add a note on your account. If you are not, then change it. Warnings and Account Disablements will follow, if you do not.

See: forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=2272

Transmission 3

Transmission 3 has been tested and now added to the Client Whitelist.

Change your Password

We have a lot of accounts who's passwords have not been changed in 3+ years and you therefore need to rectify this ASAP. We are now imposing a Rule whereby the Maximum Password Age must not exceed 2 Years. As we find members, with old Passwords, you will be informed.

Cross Seeding / Piggy Backing

This is now under deliberation, Discuss here

Outdated e-Books and Tutorials

Please Do Not upload obviously outdated e-Books and Tutorials, which are freely available and can be found on many General Tracker Sites, as this will now be considered as 'Ratio Cheating'. The only exception to this is, if they have been specifically requested.

e-Books & Tutorials - Formatting & Layout Guidelines

We need to start setting some standards and have some cohesion in terms of the Formatting and Layout of Uploads, by doing so we start to gain some form consistency throughout the various Categories, starting this month with e-Books and Tutorials

Do Not just Copy / Paste from a site as a lot of the descriptions are containing unnecessary information like "About Author, Book Dimensions, ISBN, Support Forums, Testimonials etc". You can easily see this information by clicking the More Info Link. As previously mentioned we'd rather have 5 Quality Posts than 10 Subpar Posts that would require re-editing.

Therefore we've come up with some Formatting & Layout Guidelines as shown below. Please try to keep as close as possible to the order the items are laid out in below and as shown in the screenshots.

Full examples can be seen at forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=2972

• Red = Mandatory • Blue = Optional • Green = Add if Available

e-Books Tutorials
Tags Tags
Title [EPUB, MOBI, PDF] Title
Image Image
Description Description
Key Features Course Curriculum
What you will learn Who this course is for
Who this book is for What you'll learn
More Info Link Requirements
More Info Link

This is now being moderated

Making Requests

Yet again we’re having to bring up the subject of missing information when making Requests. This is becoming tiresome, how many times do we have to keep visiting this subject before the message sinks in?

Plenty of Warnings have already been issued and no doubt many more will follow!!

If you’ve received a Warning pertaining to missing info then YOU need to act upon it and Edit your Request and Add the Required information. If you cannot make the required edits due to User Class Restrictions then please add the info in the Comments and then Report the comment and someone will then make the necessary edits.

Hopefully this will be the last time that we have to bring this subject up. If this still persists then further restrictions will be placed upon your account.

Make sure that you do a thorough Search before you make a Request, failure to do so could lead to your Request being Deleted along with the Bounty that you offered.

When Voting on a Request make sure that it meets All the Requirements as laid out above because if it fails to meet them and the Request is Deleted then you too will loose your Bounty.

This is now being moderated

Did you Arrive from a Staff Invite Thread?

If you did, you must keep your account active. If it gets Disabled due to Inactivity, it will not be re-enabled. You joined this site because 'you' wanted to be here. We are not looking for 'collectors'.

Image Hosts

We are banning 'postimages'. Currently we can only add to Wiki.

Duplicate Accounts:

We are offering a one month amnesty. Send a StaffPM if you believe this is the case, that some how you ended up with more than one account. In 30 days we will be investigating all dupe accounts

6,000 Uploads Competition

We have a Winner....

Please check in here

Site Issues and Code updates:

This has been an ongoing problem for a while. Staff are trying to collate all issues and anything else. So we are announcing a 'push out' to November 2020.

More information will follow.