May Newsletter

Apologies for the delay, a week late is better than never

We hope you are all well across the world. If you have any ideas for future Newsletters, please feel free to send Staff a PM.


Again, this is just a reminder to read the rules and guidelines, especially new members. Also consider your uploads, does anyone want a book which is 10 years old on coding? Staff have the discretion to remove, what we call ratio build posts, which are freely available.

Torrent clients

We are still finding members using Transmission 2.92 as the stand alone client, warnings and 'leeching' disablement, will continue.

If you are using T 2.92 as a backend client on a seedbox, please inform Staff and we can add notes to your account. We can not tell the difference when we check stats.


We have yet to update the Wiki and rules. Please note an Admin did receive a warning for inappropriate comments, so we do keep a level playing field here at BS. Lets keep it clean in forums.

Client Whitelist

Finally we have started to compile this. It has taken more time than we thought. It is far from a finished product and will be subject to change.

[Discuss here]

Game Uploads

We are still in the process of reviewing this. If you have any thoughts or ideas...

[Discuss here]

Invite Selling/Trader Sites

We are aware that our newsletter gets published on some of these. These sites are in no way sanctioned by BS. Slowly but surely we have now started to identify the route.

If you are caught here, selling or trading invites, your account and the invite tree will be banned. Any associated ip's will also be investigated..

5,000 live uploads = 50 Hours Freeleech

We have moved nearer to this landmark. d***** is now very close, so 50 hrs of Freeleech is not far away....