Has anyone ever described your attention to detail as irritating?
If so, maybe you would enjoy being one of BTN’s TV Technicians.
What does a TV Technician do?
TV Technicians, or TV Techs, are the people who keep BTN’s vast selection of torrents organized and ensure that they follow our Upload Rules. TV Techs help other BTN members with uploading questions in the forums, in Staff PMs, and in #BTN-Support on IRC. They also investigate reports, remove nuked files, monitor requests, and perform other tasks with the goal of maintaining and improving BTN’s available content.

If that sounds like the kind of role you might enjoy...
Please consider the following questions:
• Do you pay close attention to detail?
• Are you polite and would you enjoy helping others share content with BTN?
• Do you have a significant amount of free time to commit and can you stick with it long term (at least 6 months)?
• Are you able to be on IRC whenever you're at a computer (not including time at school and work)?
• Are you already familiar with or are you willing to learn BTN's upload rules?
• Have you ever uploaded and/or edited torrents on BTN?
• Are you a member of any forums that have invite/account trading, giving, selling, or buying?
• Dogs or cats?
How to apply
In order to be considered for this position, you must have been a BTN member for at least one year, have reached the Elite user class or higher, are not a staff member on any other torrents sites, and do not have a history of disruptive behavior in our forums or IRC channels.

If you're interested in joining the team, please send a PM with your answers to those questions to TVTech_Applications. Feel free to tell us why you’re interested as well.