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Brazil Tracker Birthday Promotion

In celebration of the 5th anniversary that we completed in January, we will be taking advantage of this date to promote a small competition among uploaders, and as a way of recognizing the excellent work of those who contribute by making their releases available, we will be distributing prizes to the top 5 places as described below.

The promotion will start on 01/01/2023 and end on 01/31/2023 .

- The score will be counted only if the person who launched the seed for at least 10h/day in the files released until the end of the Promotion (will be accompanied by the staff members).

- You can only participate in the files described in the scoring system.

- In the event of a tie, we will consider the sum of GB of releases made during the promotion period.

- Interested parties must register to participate in the promotion
*Simply copy and paste into the PM --> I want to participate!

*Staff and Adm. members do not participate in the promotion,
*All other classes of users can participate, including uploader internal.

Scoring system by category:

1 Point: [Magazines, Books, Comics, App, Audiobooks]

2 Points: [Series, Movies, XXX Movies]

3 Points: [Win/Mac Apps, Win/Mac Games, Courses, Anime]

1st Place: Seedbox 1TB
2nd Place: Seedbox 500 GB
3rd Place: Seedbox 250 GB
4th Place: 100,000 points
5th Place: 01 invitation

** Seedbox for 30 days of use or if you end up using the plan in full, the first event that takes place prevails

- Result of the winners - 02/05/2023

*******Good luck everyone***********