Hello, dear users.

The development team did not stop implementing new things and fixing some old bugs that the site had. It is important to remember that you can give suggestions for tools that you would like to have on the site here and can report bugs found while downloading a movie or series.

Without further ado, here are the news that the new update on the site brought:


After this update your torrents can be favored, before the page did not work when you add one. The bugs have been fixed and the covers of the group you favored appear.

You can also organize the order of these favorites on your page and choose how you want to display them. Just use the toolGenerate torrents .

You can also bookmark your favorite artist and, if your user class has the permissions to do so, be notified of each new upload.

Orders can also be favored and searched, if you want to fill an order and don't want to lose it, just bookmark it and access it later.


Now torrents are grouped, in the category of films and series, by the quality of the release that was released. This novelty already existed on the site, but a bug in the details page prevented the correct grouping.

Mediainfos now no longer need bbcode[mediainfo]on the upload page. The system automatically inserts the file post-upload and separates it correctly. Now just fill in the box with your mediainfo or bd-info, always remembering to leave a space for a line between the ones you put.

Any user now, regardless of class, can request re-seed on a file that is more than 10 days old with no seed. This action will send an MP to all users who downloaded the file asking them to sow again on the site.

Exclusive releases by the site team are now classified as INTERNAL and receive this icon next to the specifications. All torrents that fit this category are free for 10 days.


The site's message box is now available in a new [url = chat.php] url [/ url]. The idea is to know if the community prefers the chat on the main page or on a separate page.

And last but not least. The site change log.


The community now has access to all modifications and bug fixes in the website's system clearly before they are posted here in the news. So you can see how much work we have to keep the site up and running.

The team hopes that the community has enjoyed the news and asks you to be active users, your active participation in our work =)

Always BT