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Development team implementations

Hello, dear users.

The development team is in full swing in this quarantine to build a more personalized and easy-to-work community.

Now, the site has several new features that promoted a better user experience when downloading your favorite movies and series. We modified the way we display IMDB information, added a more organized background, thus allowing less confusion when viewing a torrent.

In addition to the modifications on the torrents details page, we added the list of each group of torrents, films and series. Each artist has a page on the website with their photo, name and films starring them, which were released on BT.

It is up to the community, over time, in exchange for points, to gradually fill in the information about the life of the actor or actress.

You can use the bbcode [artist]Name of the artist[/artist] to display a quick link to this one. An example:

Another modification is the mediainfo system, which, being more complex, is in its beta phase on the site. With the improvement of the regexes that pull information from the files, we will make it mandatory for the release of films and series.

You can use it in any area of ​​the site that accepts bbcode, be it an upload, forum or even the information box on your profile, for those who like to encode.

To use, just add [mediainfo][/mediainfo] to have the results organized.

During this quarantine, we will add more novelties to the site. Stay tuned!

Always BT.

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